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Science, Medicine, and Mental Health Professional Re-Opening Letter to WCCUSD

March 27, 2021

The attached letter reads in part:

Dear Superintendent Duffy, Associate Superintendent Wold, School Board Trustees, and President Marissa Glidden, President Sonja Neely-Johnson, Executive Directors Sue Kahn & Nona Cohen-Bowman, President Kim Chamberlain, Representatives Jeanette Bradfield, Shaune Vaughn, and Veronica Diaz:

We write as WCCUSD parents and as medical, public health and mental health professionals; epidemiologists; and scientists to ask that you open WCCUSD schools this spring to full-time in-person instruction for all students. Many of us have served on the front lines of the pandemic. We have seen its toll first-hand, and thanks to a world-wide effort, we now know how and where the coronavirus is spread, how to protect against it, and how to mitigate risk. Early in the pandemic, public health officials and governments were forced to make assumptions about the coronavirus based on observation and the behavior of other pathogens such as flu. Shutdowns, including school closures, were the best policy at the time and we commend the Bay Area and its school districts for making difficult decisions based on the available evidence. However, we now have the benefit of more than a year of peer-reviewed research to better inform our decisions. Scientific studies, epidemiology, and public health guidance have demonstrated that schools can be opened safely, and that the continued absence of in-person teaching and learning is harming children and families.

Read the rest of our evidence-based letter here.

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