Spring In-Person Intervention & Instruction Plan

March 28, 2021
Here is our understanding of the March 25 In-Person Plan:
  • Optional intervention class for high-need students from 8-10am or 2-4pm on M,T,W
    • Will also have social emotional activities Thursdays and Fridays between 2-4
    • Estimated capacity of 1,400 students
    • Eligible families will be contacted by site administration and/or a School Community Outreach Worker
    • Students may be with different teacher and at different school
  • Optional in-school hubs on M-Th sometime between 10am to 3pm
    • Individual school sites will determine the days and times for each hub, and they could last anywhere from 2-4 hours per day
    • Due to staffing limitations, not all children who want to will be able to participate
    • Between schools there will be a wide range of how many students are able to participate and how much in-person learning they will receive
    • Primary plan is for students to be in groups of 15 kids with their current teacher and 1 “classified or other support provider”
      • Additional staff member will help since teacher will simultaneously be teaching in person and online
    • They will attempt to group kids with their current teacher, but there will also be overflow classes
    • If there is staff available, kids will be put in overflow class if their teacher does not volunteer to return or if class is full (higher-need kids prioritized for being with current teachers)
    • Thursday and Friday from 10-2 would have the same distance learning schedule that we are currently using
  • All teacher and student participation is voluntary
  • Dr Wold insists that this plan will qualify for the additional SB86 funds
    • In order to get the additional $9 million from SB 86, all students from all elementary grades, one junior high grade, and one high school grade must be given the option of in-person learning
    • This plan will only qualify for the additional funding if there is enough staff to support all of the students who want to return
  • Timeline:
    • On March 26, this plan was approved by 4 out 5 board member. Smith-Folds voted No.
    • Union voting will take place March 29 through April 2, and hopefully results will be announced before spring break
    • April 7th is the deadline for staff to return interest forms
    • April 14-16 teachers will personally contact all students within their cohort, with support from Admin as needed to reach all families
    • Students will need to start regularly attending on April 19 (no late starts)
    • We do not know the timing or method for families to indicate if they want to return
Recording of the 3/26 meeting where this plan was discussed and approved:

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