Tenatative Agreement MOU for Voluntary Spring In-Person Student Intervention Plan

March 21, 2021

Here is the complete MOU.  Here are some highlights:

  • “The District is following the guidelines of Social Distancing (CDPH) that strongly recommend a 6-foot radius between all individuals.” – page 3
  • “Most classrooms have a maximum capacity of 14 students to 1 adult based upon this guidance” – page 3
    • Given the above statement in the MOU, it is unclear why student cohorts will not exceed 10 students, especially given the new 3 ft guidance from the CDC
  • “Maintaining stable cohorts with increased flexibility for “piercing the bubble” while in the Red Tier allows specialists and paraprofessionals to join stable cohorts safely” – page 4
  • “SB 86 Funding is needed. The district needs the funds tied to compliance with SB86 to maintain staff, programs and services” – page 4
  • “Distance Learning shall remain the primary mode of instruction within the current schedule through the end of the regular 2020-21 school year” – page 4
  • “A focus on in-person Special Education assessments. Special education assessors have been unable to make eligibility determinations and thus meet IDEA requirements to identify students for special education and related services within required timelines. This is leading to legal liability for the district and may be leading to a delay in essential services to meet student learning needs” – page 5
  • “As this is a voluntary option, Certificated educators who are unable or unwilling to be vaccinated will not be eligible to participate in the Spring In-Person Support Program.” – page 6
  • “In addition, in an abundance of caution, the District will provide mandatory no-cost every other week asymptomatic/surveillance testing to ALL staff and students who participate in the Spring In Person Support Program during the Red Tier (4-10/100k daily new cases)” – page 6
  • “In the event that the certificated staff person responsible for a cohort is unable to be physically present, the cohort shall be cancelled for the day.” – page 7
  • “Cohorts will meet Monday-Wednesday and Fridays from 2pm to 4pm” – page 10
  • “Social Emotional/Small Group in-person activities may be scheduled on Fridays between 11am and 2pm and on Thursdays between 2pm and 4pm, provided that the activities do not conflict with Food Service Community Distribution” – page 10
  • “When creating cohorts, the number of adults, including support personnel, in the room will be calculated to ensure that at no time are there more than 11 individuals interacting as a stable cohort.” – page 11
  • “Music, VAPA, PE and other electives may have up to 30 students outdoors upon mutual agreement with the educator” – page 11
  • “Students may not be at their home site or with their teacher depending on facilities and availability of resources.” – page 11
  • All employees participating in this program or who are required to render in person services shall receive a 1-time stipend of $2500 based upon a start date of April 21, 2021 and prorated thereafter” – page 13
  • Upon qualification for AB86 funding, the District shall increase the COVID Service Stipend to all participating in the program by an additional $750 which shall be determined and certified by the District by June 1, 2021.” – page 13
  • “Employees participating in this program, who do not have other childcare options, may bring their school age child/children to work with them. Prior to beginning in-person support, the employee shall notify their administrator how many children they plan to bring with them.  The size of their cohort will be adjusted to ensure that cohorts remain small and stable in accordance with this agreement. ” – page 14
  • When possible, the district shall utilize District Babysitters to supervise the children of staff on site. In the event that a babysitter is not available at a given site, employees shall remain responsible for their own children at all times.” – page 14

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