The Richmond Branch of the NAACP wants WCCUSD to Open Schools for Fall 2021

April 30, 2021
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See the original letter as a PDF here.

Mister Phillips, Board President
1108 Bissell Avenue
Richmond, CA 94804


The NAACP Richmond Branch recommends that the West Contra Costa Unified School District should fully re-open schools in the Fall of 2021. There are many reasons for our perspective, such as families with work hardships as well as student’s social-emotional considerations. Our primary concern is for the education of all children. Particularly, children of color, who disproportionately are not meeting grade level standards.

We agree that all students should be able to return to school in the fall. However, those parents, who may elect to continue distance learning, the District should provide equitable instructional time with equal standards to those who attend school in-person. This would include keeping students in stable, consistent environments when classes are mixed with in-class and distant-learning combinations.

It is also our concern that students who attend schools via distance learning and are on waivers, can maintain that status, if, and when they return to in-person learning. The basis of our position stems from observations and interactions with parents, teachers, students, and paraprofessionals, who assist with students’ academics.

Being physically back in the classroom may not be a panacea for the problems in our education system, but it does provide students with a different kind of mindset and teachers with a different kind of accountability. Our children are valuable and deserve the best opportunity to be successful. That includes an educational system that does not put the weight failures and inequities on their backs.

In summation we, the NAACP Richmond Branch, recommend that the WCCUSD open its doors in Fall 2021 for all students who physically want to be on campus. However, families should have an option to continue distance learning without any consequences.


Willie J. Robinson
Branch President

cc: Honorable Board Members
Matthew Duffy, Superintendent

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